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Cupping Therapy

What Can Cupping Therapy Do for You?

For thousands of years, cupping therapy has been one of the most sought after alternative treatments for chronic pain and disease in traditional Chinese Medicine. Among the many different alternative approaches, cupping proves to host many health benefits that can often complement modern medicine techniques.

One of the most effective deep tissue manipulation techniques, cupping is a technique during which the doctor creates a vacuum or suction within a glass or plastic cup, and places it onto the skin. In this way, cupping is like a reverse massage, using suction rather than pressure to relax the muscles. This works great for temporary relief of pain and it’s an excellent complementary treatment to chiropractic care.

Cupping Therapy Benefits

Cupping provides a variety of benefits unique to each individual who undergoes the therapy.

Cupping can:

  • Help in healing from an injury, by increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation and drawing out toxins
  • Provide muscle relaxation and stress relief
  • Relieve pain
  • Decrease muscle tension and calm spasms
  • Increase range of motion
  • Treat sore muscles, which can benefit athletes with strained, overworked muscles – or even those who sit or stand in cramped quarters for extended periods of time.

And More!

Side Effects

The most common side effects are muscle soreness and minor bruising. The bruising is caused by the suction of the cup as it brings blood to the most superficial layers of the tissue. While the bruising may appear to be alarming, it is an indication that the treatment was performed correctly, and the vacuum was created within the cups. The bruises can last anywhere from 2 days to a week. Ice and topical anti-inflammatory creams can be applied following treatment.

The health benefits of cupping strongly outweigh the minor side effects, so deciding to use this procedure should be an easy one!